Nightingale Medical Supplies carries Fulcionel hernia support garments and CUI ostomy undergarments. These may help ostomates from developing a hernia post-operatively, or provide support and security if a hernia is already present.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need support?


Support garments can help to prevent a hernia forming, or offer security when a hernia is already present. Activity or work can then continue with the added assurance, protection, comfort and stability depending on individual needs. Garments come in many different forms to suit many different requirements, situations or activities. There are also differing levels of support to suit with adjustability and wearability to provide a balance between support and comfort.

When should I wear support?

Research and opinion indicates that if you have a stoma, almost half of all ostomates develop a hernia post-operatively. Since there is a higher risk of hernia formation, a hernia support belt should be considered and worn during any periods of activity. This can be during any routine activity, work or leisure but especially if doing anything strenuous such as lifting or exercise. Essentially any exertion that puts any strain on the body (even a cough or cold will put pressure onto the abdominal area) which is then combined with any weakness in this area can lead to a hernia! If you have an existing hernia then it is suggested that support should be worn as often as possible.

Will support affect my stoma?


The Fulcionel® fabric used in our support garments has been especially developed to allow any stoma pouch to work as intended. The 2-way stretch material on the appropriate garment (which we fit to individual requirements and advise how and when to wear) will allow continued activity by supporting the abdominal area or hernia while simultaneously allowing stoma function.
Some ET nurses or patients prefer to position the pouch outside of the garment and if this is the case then we can cut a hole in the garment to fit the exact size of the pouch used.

What is the fabric made of?

The fabric is part polyester and elastine – which is 2-way stretch and breathable. This 2-ply material provides support whilst allowing conformity and moulding around any shape that promotes comfort and prevents heat build-up. We also incorporate anti-roll (AR) strips at the varied height (often high) waistline, or at both the top and bottom of the support belts. This ensures ultimate comfort for the wearer and no ‘digging in’. 




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