Clean Intermittent Urethral Catheterization in Adults

Blue Bag Syndrome


Abdominal Exercises



Bowel Obstruction for


Bowel Regulation


Dehydration Guidelines

for Ileostomates

How to Create a Crust


Ileostomy and Diet


Ileostomy and High Output

Keeping Your Skin Healthy


Managing Your Ostomy 

Night Drainage System   

Ostomy Supplies and PharmaCare Coverage




Parastomal Hernia


Preventing Urostomy Infection   

Psudoverrucous Lesions


Showering/Swimming With an Ostomy


Traveling with an Ostomy

Urinary Catheter Care    




Intimacy and Your Ostomy






When to See a NSWOC  


Your Ostomy and Cancer Treatment


Hernia Support Brochure

CUI hernia support brochure 2012_02

Parastomal Hernia Brochure