Post-Surgical Compression Bra vs Sports Bra

For individuals who have undergone mastectomy surgery, finding the right post-operative undergarments is crucial for both physical comfort and emotional well-being. While sports bras are commonly recommended for their support and versatility, compression bras offer a unique set of benefits specifically tailored to the needs of post-mastectomy patients.

Compression Bra Textiles:

Compression bras are specifically made for post-surgery wear and contribute to the optimal healing process. They are used to minimize the risk of bleeding and swelling after surgery and keep the area stable, even with sudden movements such as sneezing or coughing. Additionally, while sports bras are often created with seams, compression bras are often seamless, to not potentially irritate the operation site.

Amoena Emilia Seamless Surgical Bra

Anita Anita Lynn Mastectomy bra

Anita Osaka Initial Post-Operative Compression Bra

Unique Features:

Compression bras are also often designed differently than sports bras to not disrupt lymphatic flow and to increase patient comfort. Lymphedema is a condition that can result in the swelling of tissues and compression bras are often made with a soft and wide underbust to prevent irritating lymphatic flow. Compression bras also tend to have front fastenings for convenience as the area may experience pain after surgery.

While sports bras certainly have their place in the world of activewear, compression bras stand out as the superior choice for individuals recovering from mastectomy surgery.

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