Post-Mastectomy Swimwear

With the exciting announcement that some of Vancouver’s outdoor pools will soon be re-opening for the summer, we want to highlight swimming as a great activity for all. In particular, swimming is a wonderful form of exercise for women who have undergone a mastectomy procedure. Swimming works the major muscle groups and helps avoid muscular atrophy. Despite the benefits, it can feel difficult to find swimwear that you feel completely comfortable in. At Nightingale, our goal is to find you that perfect swimsuit for any activity. One of our friendly and qualified Mastectomy Fitters can help you enjoy the water again without feeling uncomfortable or self-conscious in your suit.

What’s special about mastectomy swimwear?

Mastectomy swimwear is commonly designed with breast pockets to keep forms in place while swimming or lounging in the sun. Other features of mastectomy swimwear are high arm openings, wide straps and higher necklines to help hide potential scarring.

Are there different styles?

Mastectomy swimsuits are available in a range of different styles and patterns to suit your taste! Nightingale Medical Supplies has several different styles to offer; click here to check out our selection. For instance, the one-piece provides full coverage and support, whereas the tankini allows more freedom than a one-piece, but is more concealing than a bikini.

Is there anything I should know before swimming with breast forms?

Be aware that silicone or foam inserts may absorb a small amount of water when swimming. There are also specially designed swim forms on the market to help prevent this issue – check out one of our available swim forms, the Amoena Aqua Wave Swim Form by clicking here.

Enjoy the water with confidence this summer knowing that you are secure and fashionable in a specially designed mastectomy swimsuit! Stay tuned for details on our annual Hello Summer Sale.