Ostomy Canada Youth Camp

This week we would like to highlight an organization that is near and dear to us…the Ostomy Canada Youth Camp!

The Ostomy Canada Youth Camp is run by the Ostomy Canada Society. It is an annual five day long summer camp for youth between the ages of 9 and 18 with an ostomy or related needs. This is a great place for young ostomates to meet friends, gain independence and learn something new. The young ostomates are encouraged to have a great time doing all of the activities planned just for them, from swimming to crafting to camping.

Each year for NSWOC Appreciation Week, Nightingale makes a donation to the Youth Camp, in honor of the amazing NSWOC’s that we work with. We truly believe that the Youth Camp is an important organization that gives confidence to young ostomates in Canada!

How to get involved

To sign up or for more information, check out the Ostomy Canada Youth Camp website. To view our Ostomy products, click here.