Last Minute Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching – Sunday, May 10th to be exact! While certainly not everything is back to normal, this is a great opportunity to show the mothers in your life that you care about them. Here are five easy ways you can celebrate your mother this Mother’s Day.

Support your local florist or garden center!

Even though most businesses are currently closed or operating at a lower capacity, many garden centers are open, because they allow enough space for physical distancing between shoppers. Pick out a plant that your mom would love, or get her a gift card if you can’t decide.

Organize a video call!

Your mom would love to see your face, even if you’ve already video chatted every day this week. Check out our blog on connecting for a few tips!

Make her a gift basket!

Next time you go to the store, add a selection of her favourite snacks to your weekly shop: popcorn, chocolate, cookies, pretzels, etc. Set them up nicely in a basket or old gift bag from the holidays – it’s the thought that counts! You can easily drop this off on her doorstep for contactless delivery.

If you live with your mother, treat her to a day off!

Plan a nice dinner and encourage her to put her feet up throughout the day whether by making her a cup of tea, getting her the newest edition of her favourite magazine or taking the dog for a walk.

Send her a card!

Snail mail is still relevant, and a handwritten note is a great way to let your mom know you are thinking of her.

Happy Mother’s Day from your friends at Nightingale!