International Self-Care Day

Today, July 24, 2020 marks International Self-Care Day. “Self-care is a lifelong habit and culture” ( and a day to take care of your mental and physical state. According to, there are seven pillars of self-care. If you engage in these seven practices on a regular basis, you are probably taking care of yourself well.

The Seven Pillars of Self-Care

  1. Health Literacy – learning about and gaining a better understanding of your health
  2. Self-Awareness – being able to take stock of your mental health and get help if you need it
  3. Physical Activity – getting your heart rate up and boosting your mood; check out our blog here
  4. Healthy Eating – focusing on simple ways you can add more nutritious foods to your diet; check out our blog here
  5. Risk Avoidance – this refers to reducing behaviors that will increase your risk of health issues
  6. Good Hygiene – reduce the spread of illness with hand, dental and body hygiene
  7. Optimal Use of Products and Services – appropriately using products and services available to you, like medications, physiotherapy, etc

With these seven themes in mind, think about your daily routine. Are these themes common for you? If not, consider modifying your routine a little at a time to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Aim to cook a homemade meal once per week. Walk to the grocery store next time instead of driving. Challenge yourself to read one article about health from a reputable source per day (The New York Times has a whole section full of interesting health-related articles; click here to check them out). These small changes will add up!

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