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Sigvaris Linen

Used since Antiquity for its strength and breathability, linen is paired with comfort and style and packaged it up into the perfect compression sock. Lightweight and breathable, these new linen socks come in four divine colours with a ribbed design.

Sigvaris Sea Island Cotton

The world’s rarest cotton gives these socks a luxurious soft cashmere feel. Ideal for sensitive skin, Sea Island cotton fibers breathable, have a high moisture absorption capacity and are easy to care for.

JOBST Activewear

JOBST ActiveWear is a cushioned compression sock with superior moisture management and extraordinary softness. Easy to don, it’s the ideal compression sock for an active lifestyle.

JOBST Casual Pattern

JOBST Casual Pattern socks feature an attractive Argyle design created with a unique knitting sequence that leaves fewer pressure marks on the legs than other Argyle style products. 

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