The Must-Knows of Face Masks

The Importance of Face Masks

Earlier this week, Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam publicly recommended that all Canadians wear face masks for an added layer of protection. Dr. Tam provided this update to clarify some of the questions surrounding face masks, and in particular, she stated that wearing a face mask is especially important when you’re in a situation where you cannot maintain physical distancing. The new guidelines highlight how wearing a mask can both prevent you from spreading any germs, and also provide an extra barrier against other people’s germs. We at Nightingale wanted to delve into face mask facts and key points to help you make your personal decision of when wearing a mask is appropriate.

Medical Supply vs General Retail

At Nightingale, we have available personal protective face masks that are equivalent to ASTM Level 1. Rest assured that when purchasing at a Medical Supply store such as Nightingale Medical Supplies, you are getting quality products. Keep in mind that these are not suitable for surgical or ICU applications, so they are a great choice for day-to-day activities and any situations where you may come into close proximity with others. These are different than face masks that are sold at general retailers, which are not subject to quality checks and often use much lower quality material. When you are wearing a face mask to go grocery shopping, the last thing you want is for your face mask to come apart at the seams – a story we have unfortunately heard of dollar store masks.

Some important things to remember when you are wearing a face mask:

  • ensure that it covers both your nose and mouth, and feels secure
  • do not touch your face mask once you have put it on
  • it is time to put on a new mask when your mask is moist or visibly dirty
  • if you are wearing other personal protective equipment such as gloves, remove your face mask last

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