Benefits of Compression Socks During Exercise

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Now that we’ve discussed how compression garments work, let’s talk about why people wear compression. Hint – it’s not just for elderly people or people who spend long periods of time on their feet!

Compression socks help with circulation, swelling and the prevention of blood clots. As well as day-to-day wear, compression socks are particularly useful for exercising. Because compression socks improve circulation and prevent swelling, they are a great choice for high-performance athletes as well as just about anyone who exercises.

For athletes, compression garments have become increasingly more popular for improving performance and reducing the risk of injury. Just look at Serena Williams, one of the top professional tennis players in the world – and a big believer in compression wear.

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Serena has been known to frequently sport sheer compression stockings under tennis dresses, paired with ankle compression socks. Most memorably, perhaps, was the black catsuit that she wore for the 2018 French Open. On first glance, it was thought of as a fashion statement and a bit of a controversial choice at that – skirts and dresses are far more popular for female tennis players. The full body compression wear, particularly the full-length legwear was a good choice for Serena, as she had previously suffered from blood clots and a pulmonary embolism, and compression can improve circulation. Better circulation means that blood returns to the heart faster. This means that more oxygen is delivered to the cells, which helps them to function better. While Ms Williams has said that this outfit made her feel like a “superhero”, no doubt the benefits were physical as well.

Still not convinced? According to an article published in January 2020 by Journal of Sports Medicine, here are some potential benefits to wearing compression socks while exercising.

  • Lowers cardiac stress
  • Reduces exercise-induced muscle damage
  • Decreases muscle fatigue
  • Improves endurance
  • Speeds up recovery by reducing muscle soreness

It’s best to talk to your doctor to see if compression socks are right for you, and which pressure you require. Check out our selection of compression socks here. In fact, this is a great time to purchase compression socks because…

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