Canada 55+ Games and You

The Canada 55+ Games is approaching and will be held in the beautiful city of Kamloops this summer from August 23rd to 26th! The Games place an importance on the social, physical and psychological wellbeing of all its participants.  They offer opportunities for enrichment, fulfilment and improved quality of life provided by a variety of activities such as cycling, 5k and 10k runs and even soccer.  A fun range of activities is planned including an Opening Ceremony, various Special Events and a Closing Ceremony with banquet and dance.

The month of August promises high temperatures and sunny days! With this heat, it is important for athletes to stay hydrated and fortified with the nutrients an athletic body needs. The Nightingale Medical store in downtown Kamloops is stocked and ready for all these needs.

Enhance your performance with CEP No Show compression socks with its no-slip feature, and Jobst Sport Knee-High compression socks with its proven blend of materials to prevent blisters and maximize comfort. Keep your body fueled with LiquaCel Liquid Collagen Protein, available in a variety of flavors such as lemon and watermelon. Simply add it to your water bottle for your daily intake of protein on-the-go.  Available in several delicious flavors including new Apple!

Book a FREE fitting appointment with a certified compression fitter, or shop online using code VALUE10 for 10% off on compressions socks and bracing until September 30! Nightingale Medical Supplies carries a broad range of products to help you make the best of the Canada 55+ games.