BC Seniors’ Week June 1-8, 2020

On June 1st to 8th, we celebrate BC Seniors’ Week. We want to acknowledge the contribution that seniors 65+ make to communities across BC and highlight the role that older people play in our society. At Nightingale, we support seniors every way we can. Check out our blog Helping with Nightingale for tips on how you can support seniors as we enter Phase II of physical distancing measures in British Columbia.

You never really know what aging is like until you’re doing it…but here are a few fun facts about aging!

  • Your brain never really stops growing – it can change shape and mold itself as you continue learning throughout your life
  • Your sense of smell and taste changes as you get older – and you may find that they are not as strong
  • A study called the Longevity Project found that people enjoy working at their jobs actually live longer than those that don’t
  • Older people generally experience less stress than younger people, according to the American Psychological Association
  • As of 2017, Canada was home to 6.2 million seniors
  • Over the next 20 years, Canada’s 65+ population is expected to grow by 68%!

Stay tuned for more posts highlighting seniors from June 1st to 8th!

For more information, please visit the Canadian Institute for Health Information.