Why wear a Hernia Support Belt?

Why Wear a Hernia Support Belt

Wondering whether one would need to wear a hernia support belt? Let us tell you why.

Parastomal hernias can be quite large and can influence ostomy apparatus fit, causing spills and different issues, which is the reason hernia belts for parastomal hernias are designed with ostomy supplies in mind. They have openings that you can get your machine through, while staying adequately solid to keep pressure around the stoma where the debilitated muscle is. The CUI brand of hernia belts includes a pre-sliced opening that is movable to fit around a wide scope of stoma sizes.

For these reasons, hernia belts are an extraordinary accessory for an ostomate’s well – being. They are a cheap treatment alternative that is not difficult to wear and remove, and individuals will frequently utilize them as a scaffold arrangement until they go through hernia medical procedure. They are also a great long-term solution to minimize further hernia enlargement for people who might be unable to withstand surgery at all.

The ideal method to wear a hernia belt is by laying down to permit gravity to help with diminishing the protrusion. The belt is then situated straight above the hernia and wrapped firmly around the abdomen. It’s ideal to be fitted for your belt to get the most help out of it, particularly if the belt is for parastomal hernias as they need to fit appropriately around the base of the ostomy pouch.

Hernia belts are not only for the individuals who have hernias, as they are also an amazing protection device too. The added pressure and reinforcement takes on some of the stress so your muscles don’t have to work as hard to hold everything in the right place while helping you move. This supports the weaker areas of the abdomen, and reduces the possibility of over-exertion leading to muscle fatigue. The Unisex Anti Roll Mesh hernia belts from CUI are intended to be ideal for counteraction because of their blend of moderate help and high breathability.

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