What is a Fluffy?

A “fluffy” is a soft temporary breast form that some choose to wear after undergoing breast cancer-related surgical procedures such as mastectomies or lumpectomies. Breast forms are artificial, non-permanent prosthetics devised to simulate the characteristics of a natural breast. “Fluffies” are forms designed to be worn immediately after surgery and are triangular in shape to provide full coverage, filling the space of the removed breast while remaining molded against the chest wall. These forms help to prevent bras from sliding up, help fill out clothes, and create a natural and smooth silhouette. They conveniently fit in mastectomy  or regular bras as well as tops with breast form pockets.

Fluffies (often called puffs) tend to be made of cotton (Amoena’s Post Surgical Fiberfill Puff Breast Form is made of 95% Cotton, 3% Spandex), with form sizing ranging from XS to 5XL. These are sized according to bra band size (for example, size Extra-Small is sized to a bra band size of 28/30, while a size Large is sized to a bra band size of 40/42).  These fluffies come fully padded, so cup size can easily be tailored by the client themselves to their own customized fit by adjusting the stuffing. Fluffies can be expanded or reduced, and shaped to match specific breast or body proportions, as well as desired projection.

Manufacturers of mastectomy-related solutions have created many products (like post-surgical soft bras) designed to support breast forms and hold them in place. Fluffies easily fit in these due to their moldable sizing and shape. In fact, two of Amoena’s Post Surgery Recovery Camisole bras include two Fiberfill Post-Surgical Breast Forms.

When should you use a fluffy?

Fluffies are the ideal first form immediately post-operation, when it is important not to put too much pressure on the area but clients still wish to achieve a symmetrical look. They are made of material that will not negatively affect the site of surgery while healing.

During the first 4-6 weeks after surgery in which one is unable to be properly fitted for a long-term breast form due to the ongoing healing of scars and swelling occurring, fluffies are a great temporary option. The same is true for those waiting for a new prosthesis or implants, or for those undergoing tissue expansion. Since the volume of the fluffy can be modified for an individual fit, the “fluff” filling can be adjusted for the perfect balance throughout a patient’s tissue expansion procedure, making it perfect for enhancement.

Why should you use a fluffy?

Many factors affect one’s personal choice to use prosthetics, including the needs and general lifestyle of a person. Using a fluffy is beneficial in numerous ways:

  • Timing: They can be used immediately after surgery – it is a fast and easy way to fill the space where breast tissue once was.
  • Comfort: They are soft and light – they minimize pain and discomfort post-surgery while providing cushioning. Fluffies are extremely comfortable, and easy to wear in warm weather.
  • Convenient/Low Commitment: Fluffies are non-invasive and non-permanent, and can easily be replaced if worn out, damaged or lost.
  • Universal Sizing: Their size can instantaneously be changed if desired (for example, if one breast changes in size or weight, or if undergoing reconstruction), allowing for a personalized fit and wearing experience.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Fluffies are easy to take care of, as there is an opening in the back to remove the filling before washing the fabric cover lining with a simple handwash or on a gentle cycle. This outer lining should not be placed in a dryer, but rather be laid out to dry.
  • Provides Time to Make Decisions during Transition: Temporary fluffies allow one to feel comfortable while deciding on whether one is ready for a full or partial breast form, or whether to have reconstructive surgery. The forms enable clients to discover how wearing a prosthetic feels, allowing them to make an informed decision on whether it is right for them.

How can I get a fluffy?

Nightingale offers all clients a complimentary temporary fluffy (Amoena’s Post Surgical Fiberfill Puff Breast Form) to keep you comfortable while deciding on the best options available to you, whether you are waiting for breast reconstruction surgery, or until breast form(s) are purchased.

Call or email one of our stores to book your appointment with our team of experienced and compassionate Certified Fitting Specialists who can assist you in making informed choices on how you would like to look and feel. Our fitters can teach you about your options and how to care for your breast forms. We have discreet fitting rooms for you to receive personalized service on mastectomy bra and breast form fittings, active wear, compression sleeves, and scar therapy treatments at tour locations. Click here to make an appointment today!

Nightingale also offers products and support for your post-breast surgery needs. Click here to view our mastectomy-related products.


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