Welcome 2021!

Happy New Year!

We hope you had a lovely holiday season and are ready to tackle 2021. Each New Year, we like to set goals to stay motivated and be as healthy as we can be. If you are looking for some goal inspiration, look no further – here are some great goals for 2021.

Learn something new

Online learning has become much more popular in the past year due to many people working and going to school from home. There are websites that offer accredited university-level courses on any subject you can think of, from finance to history. You can get actually get certifications from some of these courses as well, often for a small fee. Check out two of the most popular platforms, Coursera and EdX, for more information!

Manage your finances like a pro

Speaking of finances, the Government of Canada has launched a website called “Your Financial Toolkit“, which contains 12 modules that will teach you how to gain confidence in making financial decisions. Learning how to best manage your money is a great goal to have for this year.

Appreciate each day

This goal may be easier said than done, but it is worth keeping in mind. It is still possible to have good (and even great!) days though our lives may not yet be back to normal. Showing gratitude for the small everyday things is one way to boost your mood and find enjoyment. Eating a delicious meal, taking a hot bath and talking to friends or family over video call are all fulfilling activities to do each day.