Tips for Getting Through Chemo

Tips for Getting Through Chemo_Nightingale Medical Blog

Battling cancer is extremely tough and it takes a toll both physically and mentally. If you are currently undergoing treatment in the form of chemotherapy, we hope these tips might help provide some ideas of things that you can do to make it a tiny bit less challenging.

Treat yourself between chemotherapy cycles.

After one or two cycles, you will probably get a feel for the timeline at which your body is healing from the treatment. Try to plan something fun during the days before your next treatment – you will likely feel better than when you first have your treatment, and this will give you a boost before your next round of treatment. This could be anything from a meal at your favorite restaurant to buying yourself that cozy sweater that you’ve been wanting.


Easier said than done, but it is very important to keep your body hydrated so that recovery goes as smoothly as possible. You may find that your taste buds are off during chemo treatment, so if regular water tastes bad, some suggestions are to drink sparkling water and keep mints on hand to mask a bad taste.

Create a community.

Your chemo nurses will make you feel comfortable during treatment, but what happens after, when you go home? People in your life will be keen to help with whatever you need, so even though it might not be easy, let them help you! Things like walking your dog, folding laundry, making freezer-safe meals, and driving you to treatments are simple things that will make all the difference during your recovery.

Pack a treatment bag.

This will be filled with everything that you would want or need during your chemo treatments and should be easy to grab and go. Here is a list of items that are commonly useful during chemo treatments.
-Comfort items: A cozy sweater, fuzzy socks, and a warm hat are all items that will help you stay comfortable. Add a pillow and blanket in case you feel like dozing during treatment.
-Snacks: Pack a reusable water bottle with fluid that will keep you hydrated, as well as your favorite snacks to keep your energy up during treatment.
-Entertainment: Bring a good book and your phone or tablet to take your mind off of the time you’ve spent waiting for and receiving your treatment.

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