Swimming in style after Breast Surgery

The warm summer months are upon us. There’s nothing like a cool swim to relax your mind and rejuvenate your spirit. Swimming can be great exercise following a breast surgery. It is an excellent low-impact way to exercise all of your stagnant muscles to prevent atrophy. Before any form of new exercise, make sure you get the go-ahead from your doctor.

While getting into the pool after a breast surgery can seem daunting, remember that most women feel self-conscious in a bathing suit, whether they’ve had breast treatments or not. If you’ve recently had surgery for breast cancer, you may be wondering what your options are for buying swimwear that’s comfortable for you. We’ve got you covered. Here are some products we recommend that will help you feel and look your best this summer.

Breast Swim Forms

While you are able to swim with a regular prosthetic silicone breast form, specially designed swim forms provide increased comfort and ease in the pool.  The Amoena Aquawave is designed specifically for wear during water activities. It is water resistant, quick drying, and specially designed with waves to let the water drain through while remaining fit to the skin. It is 30% lighter than standard breast-forms so that you are able to move through the water with ease.   See here for more details:  https://nightingalemedical.ca/product/amoena-aqua-wave-swim-breast-form-transparent-1-14/

Mastectomy Swimwear

Amoena and Anita have developed mastectomy swimsuits that are not only eye-catching but comfortable and supportive. Mastectomy swimwear is designed with breast pockets to keep forms in place while swimming or lounging by the pool. They also provide features like high arm openings and higher necklines to help hide potential scarring.  Nightingale Medical carries a variety of styles to suit your taste and needs. Click here to shop now:  https://nightingalemedical.ca/product-category/mastectomy/swimwear/

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