Hello Summer: Swimming After Breast Surgery

Nightingale Blog_Swimming After Breast Surgery

As we enter July, the weather is getting warmer and outdoor activities become more enjoyable. Hiking trails are open, campgrounds are inviting guests back and the City of Vancouver has announced that many of their outdoor pools will be opening shortly, with restrictions. Because lakes and the ocean are also popular options for swimming in British Columbia, this week, we would like to talk about some of the benefits of swimming after undergoing breast surgery. As always, before starting a new exercise regimen, be sure to consult your doctor to find out how it will fit in your recovery plan.

Why is swimming such a great post-surgical exercise?

  • it is gentle and low-impact, preventing strain on your joints
  • all muscle groups are used, building strength and preventing muscle atrophy
  • the temperature of the water can regulate body temperature, which may help women experiencing hot flashes
  • getting your heart rate up improves the fitness of your cardiovascular system and burns calories
  • you can decide how hard to push yourself and when to stop, as opposed to competitive sports for exercise

You might be wondering what kind of swimwear options you have following breast surgery. While you can wear regular swimwear, Nightingale has a variety of comfortable and stylish post breast surgery swimwear options available – click here to view them. Check out our blog with tips on choosing the right swimwear and breast forms after having breast surgery by clicking here.

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