Summer Injuries and Prevention

Summer season has begun and many people are getting outside and taking part in various summer sports, while others are focusing on all the extra yard work and home repairs that seem to pile up this time of year. These types of seasonal activities if not done safely can result in injury and hospitalizations.

Summer sports, while fun and good exercise, can pose a risk if you are not properly protected. It is important that while out biking you are wearing a helmet. If you are out on the water partaking in watersports, be sure that all participants are wearing a life jacket that is fitted properly for their size. Staying hydrated while hiking and doing any activity out in the hot summer sun is crucial to maintaining your safety while enjoying your summer. The risk of dehydration is high in the summer months and can lead to dizzy spells, tiredness and nausea which in turn can cause fainting and falls that can be very serious.

Home repairs and maintenance are a leading cause of many summer injuries. Basic back and knee strains, falls, groin pulls and development of inguinal hernias are all very common injuries. Out of these many injuries that are reported, a large portion are related to falls. Making sure that you are wearing proper footwear and are being supported by a second person while you are working on a ladder are key things to consider before starting any of your repairs or yard work.

Taking the proper precautions while partaking in any overexerting activity is essential. Make sure that you are supporting any weak joints or muscle groups by wearing a support/compression garment to ensure that you will not reinjure or strain the limb during your activities. These compression garments are proven to keep muscles warm which can prevent strains, wick away sweat from the body to prevent rashes and chafing, help to relieve pain from muscle stiffness and soreness, and reduce the time taken for muscles to repair themselves and stabilize joints. When the right amount of compression is used, it can improve venous return and oxygenation to muscle groups. Your local Nightingale branch will be able to properly fit you for these garments.

Have fun, be prepared and enjoy your summer safely this season.