Summer Bracing

Summer in British Columbia is in full swing! So many people look forward to summertime and all of the fun activities that come with it. Sunny and warm weather provides great incentive to spend as much time as possible outside and being active. Particularly this year where we’ve experienced self-isolation and quarantine, everyone is probably itching to get outside! With so many fun things to do outside, it’s possible to overdo it and get hurt. Luckily at Nightingale, we’ve got everything you need to keep you safe, supported, active and outdoors.

Knee Bracing

Twisting your knee while enjoying your summer activities can be a bummer. Activities like playing tennis or jumping off a diving board the wrong way can lead to strains and tears in your knee. At Nightingale, we offer several different types of knee bracing. We have stabilizing functional braces (to wear after a major injury has healed), knee sleeves (which offer more compression for the knee joint) and specific supports (such as patellar support). Click here to view our knee bracing options.

Ankle Bracing

Your ankles support you from the ground up. They are at risk of rolling or sprains, especially when hiking over exposed tree roots or walking in the sand. Ankle bracing can provide strength to your ankles so you don’t have to worry about it! Nightingale offers ankle supports of varying degrees, from soft to rigid. Soft support tends towards knit or elastic material for compression, whereas rigid support offers solutions with a hard protective shell (often used for more severe foot injuries). Click here to view our ankle bracing options.

Wrist Bracing

You may think it less likely to get a wrist injury than other joints through summer activities. But if you’re an avid racket sport player or enjoy a round of golf, you could be at risk of strain. Wrist braces can help to provide stabilization. At Nightingale, we offer several style options for wrist support. Click here to view our wrist bracing options.

Hopefully knowing that Nightingale’s got you covered can give you peace of mind during your summer activities! Enjoy!