How to Reset Your PharmaCare Deductible

Nightingale Blog_How to Reset Your PharmaCare Deductible

We’ve discussed in detail many of the challenges that we have been faced with due to COVID-19, from social isolation and connecting with others, to boredom at home. As many people have experienced a reduction of income this year, in today’s blog we would like to provide some insight as to how to reset your PharmaCare deductible.

If your income this year has dropped significantly due to COVID-19, the first step in getting more help from Fair PharmaCare is to apply for an income review. The government of British Columbia has released a form online to apply for income review due to COVID-19. Be prepared to also provide supporting documents for your sources of income for this year.

There are three stipulations that must apply to you to be eligible:

  • you have already registered for Fair PharmaCare
  • you have experienced layoff, loss of employment or reduction of income due to COVID-19
  • your gross income (anticipated) for this year will be at least 10% less than your income from two years ago, as verified by the Canada Revenue Agency

The supporting documents you may need include the below (depending which category you fall under):

  • Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) or BC Emergency Benefit for Workers: statement of payment of benefit
  • Employment: expected income
  • Self-employment: letter from accountant or copies of invoices
  • Unemployment: record of employment, letter from Employment Insurance (EI)
  • Pension, workers’ compensation or disability: letter from these benefits providers showing your current gross monthly benefit amount
  • Other sources: documents from investments, RRSPs, business income, support payments or income outside of Canada

You can request several of these documents through Service Canada. If you are unable to obtain a required support document, you must provide a signed letter declaring the document you are unable to provide, why, the source of income, the gross monthly amount, and how long you expect to collect this income.

You can access the Fair PharmaCare Income Review and apply online by clicking here.

You can find more information about increased assistance and payment options due to COVID-19 here.