Ostomy Closed Pouches/Bags

We have listed below a few of our most popular Ostomy Closed Pouches/Bags. Don't see the style you're looking for? No need to worry, we carry a wide selection in store and we can special order almost any bra from our preferred manufacturers.



Style: Flexima / Softima Active
Model: Closed Pouches
Vendor: B.Braun

    • Available in 3 sizes: Mini / Midi / Maxi
    • Ergonomic bag shape with shortened upper part to prevent folding effect
    • Optimized pouch capacity 
    • Protected filter to avoid pouch ballooning and malodors
    • Available with flat skin protector


Style: SenSura® Mio Convex
Model: Closed Pouches
Vendor: Coloplast

    • Adaptive convex with integrated flexlines for a unique combination of stability and flexibility
    • Elastic adhesive for a secure fit to individual body shapes

    • Neutral grey textile for optimal discretion and an honest look

    • Full-circle filter for proven reduction of ballooning



Style: SUR_FIT Natura
Model: Closed Pouches
Vendor: ConvaTec

    • Charcoal filter deodorizes and releases gas. Available with or without charcoal filter.
    • Coupling ring provides audible click confirming secure connection to skin barrier.
    • Two-piece design permits easy pouch removal for venting or changing.
    • Comfort panels are designed to be quiet and odour-proof helping maintain discretion.
    • Designed for one-time usage and may be used for every day use, special occasions or intimate moments.



    Style: UltraMax Deep
    Model: Closed Pouches
    Vendor: Marlen Canada

      • Unique petal design creates a flexible, comfortable fit for all abdominal contours
      • Flexible flange creates an optimal seal
      • Ideal for retracted, flush and hard-to-fit stomas
      • Available in pre-cut stoma openings
      • No Tape




    Style: Harmony
    Model: Closed Pouches
    Vendor: SALTS Healthcare