Ostomy - Frequently Asked Questions


Our nurse specialized in wound, ostomy and continence (NSWOC) will assist you with:

  • Wound and ostomy assessments
  • Pre and post-operative ostomy education
  • Peristomal skin management
  • Advanced wound product advice
  • Hernia belt fittings

When should I see a NSWOC?

We recommend you see a NSWOC:

  • Weight gain or loss of ten pounds or more
  • Every 6-12 months of your stoma check-up
  • If you have any appliance leakage
  • If you have redness, pain or wounds around your stoma
  • If you have a hernia or a bulge in the stoma area
  • Travel, diet, or lifestyle suggestions and tips
  • Samples of the newest and latest ostomy products

How do I order my supplies?

Most of our customers have their first order placed by a NSWOC or Home Care Nurse. If you are placing your first order yourself, simply call or email our office to re-order additional supplies.

When should I order my supplies? 

An order should be placed when you are down to your last box of product. Nightingale is able to keep most products in our inventory, but in certain circumstances back orders can occur. Always try to keep one box of product i your supply.

How does PharmaCare work?

Like a pharmacy that bills for prescription drugs, we will bill all of your eligible ostomy supplies through the PharmaCare program. Once you have reached your PharmaCare deductible for the years, we will bill PharmaCare directly for the portion they will be covering. Most clients reach their PharmaCare deductible at some point in the year and enjoy partially covered supplies from then on.

How do I pay for my supplies?

Most clients pay with Visa or Mastercard. Certified cheques and money orders are also acceptable if a credit card is not available.

How do I receive my supplies?

At Nightingale, ostomy delivery is always free! All of your ostomy supplies will be shipped free of charge, via courier or express post. Most of the time your supplies will arrive within 24 hours of the order being placed. In the case of an emergency or for new clients being discharged from the hospital, we can ship same day to most urban locations.