Flat Flanges

We have listed below a few of our most popular Flat Flanges. Don't see the style you're looking for? No need to worry, we carry a wide selection in store and we can special order almost any bra from our preferred manufacturers.



Style: Flexima®
Model: Flat Extended Wear
Vendor: B.Braun

    Flexima® 3S flat extended wear base plates have been designed for flush stomas with an acrylic border for extra security. Flexima 3S flat extended wear base plates available in pre-cut and cut-to-fit are to be used with Flexima® 3S pouches. Box of 5. HCPCS Code A4409

      Marlen Canada  

      Style: UltraMax Gemini
      Model: Two-Piece Adhesive
      Vendor: Marlen Canada