Mastectomy Tattoos- What Are They?

A mastectomy tattoo is a decorative tattoo on one’s breast or chest after a mastectomy or breast cancer surgery. There are a number of reasons why one may choose to get a mastectomy tattoo, which include the following: 1) to help someone feel more confident after their course of treatment; 2) to create something personal and beautiful out of a painful process or 3) to cover or disguise a scar.

The fight against breast cancer is a mentally and physically challenging one, and for some, getting a decorative or mastectomy tattoo is like an act of catharsis. Many women feel that having a mastectomy tattoo helps them regain not only their confidence but also control over their bodies.

Before booking a tattoo appointment, be sure to double check with your doctor if the skin around that area can handle being tattooed to reduce the risk of irritation, swelling or infection. You should also have fully completed chemotherapy or radiotherapy before doing so.

If you do decide to get a tattoo, it may be a good idea to reach out to trusted tattoo artists and check to see if they are equipped to create mastectomy tattoos. Mastectomy tattoos are different from nipple and areola tattooing, which are usually performed by doctors or nurses with special training.

Find inspiration for mastectomy tattoos here to find art that makes you feel like the beautiful person you are!