Common Questions About Mastectomy Bras (Contest!)

What is a mastectomy bra exactly? Do you have to have had breast surgery to wear one? Are there different kinds of mastectomy bras? These are some of the questions that Nightingale receives about our mastectomy bras. Today’s blog is focused on demystifying some of these questions. We also have a fun contest – a chance to win a free mastectomy bra – so be sure to read until the end!

What is a mastectomy bra?

There are a few features that mastectomy bras always have. First, mastectomy bras are pocketed – this means that they have pockets in both cups, which allow for light padding or breast forms to be placed inside. Not everyone chooses padding or breast forms, but they can help to create symmetry after a mastectomy. These bras don’t have uncomfortable underwire so as to not irritate skin following surgery. They usually have added features like a comfortable underband to help the bra stay in place. Finally, they often have wide seams and straps to add support and comfort.

Do you have to have had breast surgery to wear one?

Nope! Anyone can wear a mastectomy bra. As these bras are designed with comfort in mind, many women find them more comfortable than regular bras.

Are there different kinds of mastectomy bras?

Of course! We have everything from everyday bras to leisure bras (which maximize comfort) to lingerie-style bras. And we also have mastectomy swimwear available! We are sure to help you find the perfect bra.


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