Let’s Talk Apples and Oranges (Amoena Adapt Air Feature)

All of us have one breast that is somewhat different in size and shape from the other. That is a fact of the human body. Our left and right side do not mirror each other exactly. When it comes to breasts, we all have an imbalance. Moreover, if your unevenness is more pronounced, because of surgery or naturally, you are far from alone.

Do you, or someone you know, wear only loose tops and avoid low necklines because of cleavage issues or a bra that puckers on one side? We know imbalance can make women feel insecure and distressed. In some cases, it can hurt posture and cause back pain too.

Nightingale Medical Supplies has a fantastic, safe, non-surgical solution from Amoena, the global leader in breast care. When life does not give you a perfect pair, we will! We can fit you with the most advanced breast shapers in the world to fill your cup.

We are especially excited to let you know about our newest breast shaper that is next level extraordinary — an international award winner! It is called the Amoena Balance Adapt Air. It is adjustable so it fits as it was made just for you. You can easily increase and decrease its volume for a perfect match every day, even when your breast size changes during weight fluctuations.

The Amoena Balance Adapt Air is so comfortable you will forget you are wearing one. Here are just a few more reasons why we love them:

  • They are made of the highest quality silicone that feels entirely natural. Enjoy the tightest hug, no one but you will ever know you are wearing a breast shaper.
  • They can be worn inside your bra, or gently adhered to the breast.
  • They are curved to match your body shape. In addition, they have thin, tapered edges so they are invisible under clothing, but the effect on your figure will not go unnoticed!
  • Want to wow? With sexy dresses or lower cut tops, the Adapt Air can give you an extra “boost”. You can place shapers anywhere in the cup of the bra, to fill out exactly where you need it — underneath to lift up, or on the side to enhance a décolleté.
  • It has temperature equalizing Comfort+ technology — this keeps the breast shaper from getting too hot or too cold.
  • It helps our younger customers too who are self-conscious when one breast develops considerably faster than the other does. Just a little help in your cup can make a huge difference to your every day.