Holiday Stocking Stuffers – Gift Guide 2023

Holiday Stocking Stuffers

As the holiday season fast approaches, for those of you in search of the perfect gifts for your loved ones, Nightingale Medical has got you covered. Explore our curated holiday stocking stuffer gift guide, ensuring delightful surprises for your family or friends!

For the friend with cold feet

Terries Pillow Paws are the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys cozy socks during the cold winter season! These slipper socks not only provide warmth and comfort to all those who wear them, but they also provide safety with slip-resistant tread on the bottom.


  • Contains a slip-resistant tread that prevents any scrapes and falls for those just getting back up on their feet post-surgery.
  • Machine washable for multiple usages.
  • Comes in a diverse range of sizes and colours for both the young and the young at heart!

For the Active Lifestyle Friend

LiquaCel® is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys leading a healthy lifestyle, as LiquaCel® Liquid protein and protein gummies provide a great amount of protein in just one serving!


  • Contains 16g of collagen liquid protein and 2.5g of arginine in every serving!
  • Comes in a variety of flavors: Apple, Watermelon, Grape, Lemonade, Peach Mango, and an unflavored version that can be mixed into any cold beverage.
  • Comes in many different forms for any lifestyle:
    • 32oz bottle
    • 1oz single serving packets
    • A gummy version that contains 13g of protein per bag!

For self-care

Push 20+ is the ideal gift for anybody who needs a boost of healing in their lives! PUSH 20+ is an advanced blend of protein, vitamins, and nutrients to assist in the body’s wound healing process and is great for anyone who recently has had surgery or anyone who needs some healing from the inside out!


  • Contains 20g of protein per serving.
  • Contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, Arginine, and Hyaluronic acid.
  • Accelerates wound healing.

For the athlete

Compression socks are the perfect gift for anyone but especially if you have an athlete in your life! Compression socks can be worn by all, but these make leg day much easier for any gym buff.


  • Improves blood circulation, helping you warm up quickly and fuels muscles during exercise.
  • Assists in leg achiness post-workout by preventing blood and waste buildup.

Nightingale Medical carries a wide variety of compression socks that are the perfect stocking stuffer for anybody on your gift list! Take advantage of our certified fitters and free fitting appointments in-store.

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Nightingale Medical has you covered for anybody on your gift list with our diverse collection of products that are perfect for the holiday season. Don’t see something that you’re looking for on this list?

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Nightingale Medical wishes you and your loved one’s happy holidays and a happy new year!