Foot Care Products Have Arrived at Nightingale Medical!

We are excited to announce the newest edition to our wide range of categories – Foot Care Products! Foot health and foot care is often a very overlooked section of self-care and wellness, but a well-maintained pair of feet ensures better balance, stability, and overall movement. Many common health problems may arise from a lack of proper foot care such as calluses, corns, and fungal infections, decreasing quality of life. Nightingale Medical stores are now carrying a diverse range of foot care products designed for both prevention and repair of your feet!

Top Footcare Products:

Skin Care

Podoexpert: Moisturizing Foam for Dry to Cracked Skin

The Podoexpert Dry to Cracked Skin Foam not only moisturizes your skin but repairs it as well! The foam contains the patented BarrioExpert LIPO2 skin repair technology, which fits into the damaged skin barrier of your feet to strengthen, protect, and repair it and is the perfect addition to your daily foot care routine.

Podoexpert Healthy Nails Tincture

If your nails are prone to fungal infection, the Podoexpert Healthy Nails Tincture protects and strengthens brittle and unsightly nails on both your hands and your feet. It can be used in conjunction with other fungus treatments and helps protect and stabilize fungus-sensitive nails.

Foot Treatments


If you’re experiencing any issues related to your feet that become exacerbated with friction, Tofoam may be the perfect product for you to support your feet during the healing process! Tofoam is designed to be cut to the size of your toes and protects from friction and pressure to allow your feet to heal comfortably. Tofoam is available in a variety of sizes for any foot size.

Gehwol Foot Bath

Building the perfect spa night? Nightingale Medical stores are now offering Gehwol Foot Baths for your at-home spa! Gehwol foot baths contain rosemary and lavender oil and counteract sore, aching, and tired feet after a long day. Not only is it a relaxing experience, but also deeply cleanses and deodorizes your feet from odors. It also softens hard skin, corns, and calluses!

Nail Nippers and Cutters

Toe Nail Clipper – Curved

Although you already may have nail clippers in your home, these ones from Berkeley Beauty are superior to your standard ones from the grocery store. Made from a thick stainless steel, they are perfect for heavy duty nails and its curved shape lets you get to areas that may be more difficult with one that is straight.

Bailey 5” Curved Nail Cutter/Nipper

Looking for something more heavy-duty? Nail nippers typically offer more precision and allow for more control in terms of shaping your nails. Additionally, if you suffer from frequent ingrown toenails, the curved edges of the nipper can make it easier to reach and trim ingrown nails in comparison to regular clippers.


Interested in expanding your foot care routine? Nightingale Medical Supplies is now carrying all these and more exclusively in stores! Check out your local Nightingale Medical store today.