Five Reasons to Wear a Compression Bra Post Op.

After having breast surgery, it is important to wear a compression bra to ensure proper recovery. Many times patients do not understand the benefits of wearing one over a sports bra. Here are five reasons why you should wear a compression bra post-operation.

  1. Ease of Wear

You will most likely have limited range of motion after surgery. Compression bras that attach in the front are simple to put on and take off, and they make it easy to get to the surgical site. Many sports bras are difficult to put on, causing you to exert yourself in ways you shouldn’t be.

  1. Helps Reduce Post-Op Swelling and Bleeding

The lymphatic system is the body’s drainage system, and some lymph nodes are frequently removed during surgery. Compression bras, as opposed to sports bras, are meant to lessen the risk of fluid retention as you heal. Additionally, a compression bra, unlike a sports bra, may tolerate swelling after surgery. A sports bra can cut in and limit lymphatic flow in a matter of seconds. A sports bra could very quickly cut in and restrict lymphatic drainage.

  1. Provides the Proper Pressure and Support

A sports bra’s job isn’t to apply even pressure across your back; on the other hand, a compression bra is designed with pressure distribution and support in mind. This is extremely important! Lymph fluids may collect in your lower back if your sports bra doesn’t give enough support or has design characteristics like racer-back straps.  Without compression, it may take longer for your skin to contract and shrink back to its pre-operative condition.

Compression bras have special panels to help with lymphatic drainage. They also have padded adjustable straps for a perfect fit, a wider under band than a sports bra for the right support, and the option to add a compression belt.

  1. Made for Tender Skin, Post-Op

Compression bras are intended to be worn right after surgery. To avoid irritating sensitive wounds or scar tissue, they are made without seams and in soft fabrics. Nothing should rub against the skin that has recently been operated on.

  1. Designed for the Best Results

Most sport bras won’t support your surgery site in the right way. A sports bra could be too loose, or too tight. A compression bra lets you get it right, and unlike a compression bra, a sports bra simply isn’t designed to keep operated tissue in place for the best surgical outcomes. Sports bras are excellent for exercise, but can’t meet your important needs post-surgery. Compression bras keep operated breast tissue in place to support your surgery site while it heals and it helps ensure optimal lymphatic drainage. Proper compression is not only more comfortable, it is critical for a successful result!