Featuring: Jobst Compression Stocking Donner

Featuring Jobst Compression Donner

Compression garments are more popular than ever for all age groups, as more people are prioritizing the improvement of circulation and lymphatic drainage, especially in our legs. The usage of compression socks as an external layer of support for the veins leads to numerous benefits, which is why it is important to wear quality products with the right fit on a regular basis. However, it’s often the case that clients can feel discouraged from wearing them regularly as the snugness of the compression (especially higher grade compression) makes them more difficult to pull on.

There are numerous reasons why you might require assistance in donning compression garments, including:

  • Issues with reaching your feet via bending at the waist or hips, or crossing your legs
  • limited back/shoulder flexibility
  • arthritic hands/limited hand dexterity
  • decreased grip strength
  • decreased mobility or balance
  • heavier legs with retained fluid

Given how common these issues are, multiple solutions have been developed to enable easy application of these essential garments. These donning aids are highly recommended, as the faster, safer, and easier it is to put on the socks, the more likely you are to be consistent in wearing them, providing greater and longer lasting benefits. To help your socks last longer, it’s imperative to avoid tugging and gathering or bunching up the fabric. Luckily, Nightingale Medical Supplies provides a free pair of Jobst donning gloves with every new compression sock fitting! These help create friction and provide a better grip, meaning there’s no longer any need to struggle when pulling socks all the way up.

If you’re looking for greater independence while dressing, the Jobst Stocking Donner is a tool designed to eliminate all struggles that come with donning compression stockings. On lists that rank such accessories, it is consistently rated the #1 stocking donner, given it’s ease of use and compact size, making it convenient to store or transport. It is both strong and sturdy, yet lightweight as it is made of steel, with a smooth and durable epoxy surface coating for easy cleaning and to prevent any snagging.

When given the choice of tugging on a tight sock and potentially damaging the material, simply having a frame open up the stocking, stepping into it and gently gliding it up is much preferred. It features comfortable easy-grip foam handles and is suitable for all types of socks and compression garments for those with average sized legs (calves less than 19 inches in circumference). It is designed to be used in a comfortable seated position.


Step By Step: How to Use a Jobst Compression Stocking Donner

  1. Sit with your feet on the floor and your knees at a natural 90 angle position.
  2. Place the stocking donner on the floor with the semi-circle facing towards you, like it is smiling. 🙂
  3. Position the stocking over the frame, with the heel of the stocking facing you/the back of the donner.

  4. Stretch the stocking over the column, securing it all the way down on both sides. Keep pulling until the heel portion is centered and even with the back of the semi-circle.
  5. Slide your toes in, using your leg muscles and the assistance of gravity to step into the stocking until your foot is flat on the floor.
  6. Grab the foam handles and pull up in a continuous motion, pulling the stocking up your leg all the way until the donner is free.
  7. If necessary, adjust the heel of the stocking to ensure it is positioned correctly on the foot. Adjust the length and smooth out any wrinkles with the palm of your hands.

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