Feature: Leyla Bra from Amoena

Today, we want to highlight the Leyla Bra from Amoena. This bra was specifically created for women post-breast surgery. As surgery causes a lot of stress to breast tissue and the surrounding chest area, it’s important to select a compression bra that will promote faster healing and reduce the chance of complications. The Leyla Bra from Amoena is an excellent choice for the most comfortable post-surgical experience.

Some of the highlights that the Leyla Bra features are:

  • soft, seamless fabric
  • compression where it is most needed
  • supports wound healing and lymphatic flow
  • sterile and pre-washed, ready for use immediately post-surgery
  • comfortable and secure

At Nightingale, our Certified Mastectomy Fitters will gladly help you properly fit the bra for best results. Reach out to your local Nightingale store today for more information or to get your own Leyla Bra!

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