Last Minute Gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is quickly approaching – Sunday, June 21st to be exact. While life may not exactly be back to normal, this is a great opportunity to show the fathers in your life that you care about them. Here are five easy ways you can celebrate your dad this Father’s Day.

Organize a video call!

Your dad would love to see you face to face, even if you’ve already chatted every day this week. Check out our blog on connecting for a few tips!

Make him a gift basket!

Does your dad enjoy watching movies with a snacks? Is he a big breakfast person? Next time you go to the store, get the ingredients for a customized gift basket for him! Set them up nicely in a basket or old gift bag from the holidays – it’s the thought that counts! You can easily set this on his doorstep for contactless delivery.
For a  “Movie Basket” add:
-sparkling water or their favourite beverage

For a “Brunch Basket” add:
-carton of orange juice
-peanut butter and jam
-fresh baked loaf of french bread or sourdough

If you live with your dad, treat him to a day off from all duties!

Plan a nice dinner and encourage him to put his feet up throughout the day whether by making him a cup of coffee, bringing him his favourite newspaper or mowing the lawn.

Send him a card!

Snail mail is still relevant, and a handwritten note is a great way to let your dad know you are thinking of him.

Happy Father’s Day from your friends at Nightingale!