CUI Wear Measuring and Fitting Guide


When should a support belt be used?

  • During all activities, including walking, playing, gardening, carrying children (sport, work and leisure)
  • Anytime there is a strain put on the abdominal area – due to lifting, stretching or pushing
  • Support can even be worn at night; there are options available for lighter support that still ensures that the area remains undisturbed

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Types of support garments:

  • CUI Fulcionel Support Belt

These belts are ‘firm’ in strength and are adjustable. These belts are beneficial in creating comfort and support around the abdominal area for any type of weakness. If you have a stoma pouch, these belts are designed to sit over top. The design of the belt allows for evenly distributed support during any activity, and are easy to wear due to the special glove design. There are options for a variety of depths and colours.

  • CUI Mesh Support Belt

This belt is designed to be a lighter and more breathable alternative to the CUI Fulcionel Support Belt. This is a great option for warmer temperatures or if you are planning strenuous activity where you may be sweating more. However, keep in mind that the level of support is not quite as ‘firm’. This is also a great option immediately after surgery, as the abdominal area is quite tender. The CUI Mesh Support Belt available in black and white and a variety of sizes and depths.

  • Adjustable Hole Belt

The most notable design in this belt is the adjustable Velcro hole that allows for different pouch sizes. The hole is reinforced by a soft, anti-slip horseshoe shaped pad on the inside that allows support to the area. This pre-cut hole is a great option because it takes away the need to get a custom belt created; this belt comes in a variety of sizes, depths and colours. Another benefit to this belt is that it creates much easier access to the pouch, as you no longer have to feed it through the hole.

  • Girdles/Corsets

These two-way stretch garments provide support and comfort for the wearer. These garments are available in all sizes of male and female forms, with high or low waist levels. They are not adjustable like the belts, however they are created with ease of access in mind. These garments can also be customized, for example with a hole or with a lace pouch covering if preferred.

  • Light Support/Seamless

These garments are high-waisted, lightweight and ultra-comfortable. They have no seams in the abdominal area, and are often the garment of choice immediately after surgery. They are also a great option for nighttime, as the light support can ease your mind about disturbing a pouch while sleeping. These garments are available in black, white or beige and are unisex.