Compression Socks After Surgery: What You Need To Know!

Healing after any major surgery can be challenging, and nearly all abdominal surgeries may require a minimum of two months for recovery and healing. During this period, it is important to prioritize your health and well-being to assist in the healing process and potentially shorten your recovery time. Compression socks can help with that!

Compression socks assist in blood circulation in your legs, and this can have many benefits in your surgery recovery. Here are the following reasons as to why considering compression socks for your post-surgery regimen can be beneficial for your healing:

Reduces Swelling

It is a common occurrence after major surgeries to experience swelling in the legs and feet due to fluid retention during the surgery. This usually goes away on its own in the span of a couple days, but compression socks can help assist in squeezing these areas, encouraging more circulation, and helping the swelling go down faster.

Prevents Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

Compression socks can also help assist in the prevention of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) after surgery. DVT is the development of blood clots in the legs due to lack of motion or slower blood flow. This can occur after major surgery due to spending long periods of time in bed for recovery and can cause major complications if not treated. Compression socks assist in blood circulation in your legs and can assist in preventing blood clots in the first place!

Assists in the Return of Physical Activity

After surgery, it is important to return to a healthy lifestyle as soon as you are able and compression socks can help with that! On the recommendation of your healthcare practitioner, once you return to light exercise, you may experience soreness in your legs due to less use after surgery. Compression socks can lessen soreness in your legs and help your legs return to their full glory!

Curious about compression socks in your post-surgery recovery journey? Talk to your doctor about if compression socks are right for you!

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