Breast Cancer Patient Journey

The breast cancer journey is different for each patient, and if you have recently been diagnosed you may understandably wish to know what to expect. Here is a broad overview of things to expect, created by Amoena.

1 – Diagnosis

Being diagnosed with breast cancer is the first step of a life-changing moment in a woman’s life. It begins a journey of emotional turmoil that will test relationships and individual strength, but though the future may seem uncertain, there is light ahead. This is where your doctor will give you an overview of your situation and inform you of what is ahead.

2 – Treatment

You may have been presented with a number of different treatment choices. Before you can start the process of recovering, you will need to make some important choices of the options available to you. In terms of surgical options, these include mastectomy, breast-conserving therapy, reconstruction and cosmetic surgery. Non-surgical options include Endocrine Therapy, Chemotherapy, and Radiation Therapy.

3 – Recovery

You have undergone treatment, and now’s the time to be good to yourself. Do not try to rush your recovery, there’s no fixed timeline and even the smallest of steps are positive moves forward. There will be much to consider for your recovery, including eating healthy and staying calm under pressure. For patients who have opted for breast surgery or reconstruction, Nightingale can help your recovery as we offer proper compression garments and scar therapy products to facilitate healing. For patients who have undergone non-surgical interventions, Nightingale offers non-invasive products that help correct breast asymmetry such as breast shapers, breast forms and mastectomy/pocketed bras.

4 – Living

Recovery will eventually turn into routine, as you grow accustomed to your new life. We encourage you to enjoy your life as best as you can while continuously taking the proper steps to ensure your health.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Nightingale is proud to be a supporter of such an important cause. If you have faced breast cancer and are looking for fitting options, check out our website for products that can help you during your recovery. Our compassionate and professional Certified Mastectomy fitters are always at your service to help answer any questions you may have.

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