Breast Cancer and COVID-19: Managing Stress

Breast Cancer and Covid-19: Managing Stress_Nightingale Blog

Have you recently received a breast cancer diagnosis? Are you feeling anxious about coping with that on top of COVID-19 and other issues in the world right now? You are not alone – there are many other women and men experiencing very similar situations, and everyone is doing the best they can to keep spirits high. This week we want to give you some ideas for coping with a diagnosis during these times when you are feeling stressed.

Only stress over what you can control

Exercising, eating healthy and nourishing foods, and getting enough sleep are key in keeping calm.

Learn as much as you can

This strategy does not work for everyone, but for many it can be very helpful to understand what you are going through and what to expect on your cancer journey. Talk to your doctor and they will be able to direct you to reputable sources for your information. At the same time, this means NOT going down an internet rabbit hole of self-diagnoses and potentially false information.

Get outside

Research shows that spending time outdoors and in green spaces in particular can lower your stress levels and promote relaxation. Check out our blog Nature with Nightingale for more on that.

Try meditation

Read our beginner’s guide to Mindfulness with Nightingale to learn about how focusing on your breathing and being aware can help you to relax. At the same time, try naming three things that you are grateful, no matter how small to encourage a more positive mindset.

Reach out to friends and loved ones for support

Often a simple conversation can make a big difference. Check out our blog Connecting with Nightingale for ways to connect with people during COVID-19. Alternatively, try finding support with people who are in similar circumstances over the internet. Check out our blog Connecting with Cancer for a list of YouTubers and bloggers that have also fought cancer for inspiration and tips.


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