Benefits of Breast Shapers

Breast shapers are breast prostheses that are carefully designed for women who only need a little bit of fullness to complete symmetry in the bra. They are perfect for your outline whether you have had breast-conserving surgery, want to even out your shape following reconstruction, or have uneven breast development.

Who can benefit? Shapers are a popular solution among women:

  • after breast conserving or lumpectomy surgery
  • after multiple biopsies
  • after reconstruction with changes over time
  • during the tissue expansion phase
  • with natural breast asymmetry or breast malformation

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to wearing shapers. Here are some that we found directly from patients:

  • They are designed to mold to your own breast tissue. The ability to choose the shape and weight you desire makes it an option that feels closest to a natural breast.
  • Because a contact prosthesis is connected directly to your chest, it can offer a more natural appearance than any other type of breast form. This is of particular importance if you wear fitted clothing that emphasizes your shape.
  • The security of a contact breast prosthesis can allow you to move with freedom, knowing it will remain in place. Your activities may also be more comfortable with the weight on your chest wall instead of your shoulder.

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