6 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Parastomal Hernia

June marks the beginning of National Hernia Awareness Month. Almost half of all people who have undergone an ostomy procedure will develop a parastomal hernia, which is a type of hernia that occurs when the intestines press outward near a stoma. This causes a bulge under the skin that results in pain and leakage. Here are five steps you can take to reduce the risk of developing a parastomal hernia.

  1. Maintain a healthy weight.

One of the biggest causes of a parastomal hernia is being overweight. Any additional weight you have can cause pressure to push on the abdominal wall and make you prone to injury.

  1. Stop smoking.

On top of the fact that it’s just not good for you, smoking can lead to chronic coughing which causes strain on your abdominal muscles. If damage occurs to these tissues, a parastomal hernia is more likely to occur.

  1. Take caution when lifting heavy things.

If you lift an item that is too heavy or hold it incorrectly, you can cause your body to strain and increase the risk of a hernia. Take the time to learn how to carry heavy objects in a way that reduces strain.

  1. Strengthen your abdominal muscles.

People with weak abdominal muscles are more likely to develop a hernia. Look into exercises that can help strengthen these muscles and consult your physician for advice.

  1. Be active!

The best way to stay healthy is by being active. Ensure you try to take part in activities that are good for your overall wellbeing. Make you consult a physician before starting any exercise reign. Additionally, this is a great way to maintain a healthy weight.

  1. Wear a hernia support belt.

The hernia belt works by supporting the weak muscle in the abdomen therefore preventing the underlying tissue from sticking out. It’s recommended to wear one right after surgery to reduce your risk of a hernia.

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